Local Wine and Spirits


Local Wine and Spirits
Cape Cod Beer
Varieties: Beach Blonde, Big Sea Saison, Coffee Oatmeal Stout, IPA, Porter, Red
Size: Vary depending on varietal
Cape Cod Winery
Varieties: Blueberry, Cranberry Blush, Merlot Cab Franc
Size: 750ml
Truro Vineyards
Varieties: American Rose, Cabernet Franc, Cape Blush Lighthouse, Chardonnay, Cranberry Lighthouse, Diamond Lighthouse, and Sauvignon Blanc
Size: 750ml
Bully Hill
Varieties: Banty Red and Love My Goat Red
Size: 750ml
First Crush Winery
Varieties: Cabernet Fusion, Cran Rasin 3 Sip, Cran Rasin Sauvignon Blanc, Rose Innocence, Sangiovese Rapture, and Zinfandel Viszinary
Size: 750ml
Cisco Brewer & Distillery
Beer Varieties: Grey Lady, Indie Pale Ale, Sankaty Light Lager, Summer of Lager, and Whales Tale
Size: 12oz 12pk can or 12oz 6pk bottles
Spirit Varieties: Gin Gale Force, Noreaster Bourbon, Pineapple Jalapeno Liqueur, Rum Hurricane, and Blueberry Vodka
Size: 750ml
Twenty Boat
Varieties: Cape Cod Amber Rum and Cape Cod Spiced Rum
Size: 750ml
Dirty Water Distillery
Varieties: Bog Monster Gin, Rum What Knot, Clementine Vodka, Ginger Vodka, and Velnias Honey Liqueur (375ml )
Size: 750ml
Bully Boy Spirits
Varieties: Aged Whiskey, Hub Punch Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, and White Rum
Size: 750ml
Boston Harbor Distillery
Varieties: Sam Adams 13th Hour Stout, Sam Adams Merry Maker, and Sam Adams New World Tradition
Size: 375ml
Berkshire Brewing
Beer Varieties: Cabin Fever, Coffeehouse Porter, Lost Sailor IPA, Shabadoo Black & Tan, and Steel Rail Extra IPA
Sizes: Vary depending on varietal
Spirits: Ethereal Gin, Greylock Gin, Ice Glen Vodka, New England Corn Whiskey, and Ragged Mountain Rum
Size: 750ml
Captain Ben Baxter's
Varieties: Bloody Mary Mix and Sea Spice Bloody Mary Mix
Size: 750ml
Oysterville Vodka
Size: 750ml